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White bump...

Subject: White bump...
by Shubunkin72 on 23/6/2019 22:54:51

Hi, my one year old Bristol Shubunkin had a white bump on his side earlier. He was fine this morning and when I fed him some peas at lunch time, but a few hours later he had this sizeable white bump on his side. By the time I'd set up another tank so I could get a good look at him, it had vanished. It looked like a big whitehead...but was gone as quickly as it appeared. He seems fine, active and eating normally...came up to the surface and gave me the usual greeting.
The other fish, all shubunkins are fine, and water parameters spot on...had issues with pH dropping in the past, but crushed coral has sorted that out, and everything has been stable for months now.
I've never seen anything like this before, any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.