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Re: shubunkin in a tropical tank in emergency?

Subject: Re: shubunkin in a tropical tank in emergency?
by marcshedden on 22/2/2004 18:01:06

A temperature of 24 is going to stress the shubunkin excessively, especially as it has recently been exposed to very low temperatures - you might end up allowing a disease such as whitespot to come to the fore and spread to your tropicals. I would keep it on its own at room temperature until the spring/summer, when it can go back outside - you can get an adequate holding tank with equipment very cheaply these days (second hand set-ups from the local Free Ads paper might be the best way to go).
Shubunkins can be kept outside without any problems usually, but in a small tub like yours make sure you switch off the circulating pump in the winter, so a layer of slightly warmer water can form on the bottom, where the fish will stay in a semi-dormant state until the weather warms up again.
Hope that helps,