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shubunkin in a tropical tank in emergency?

Subject: shubunkin in a tropical tank in emergency?
by FishFool on 21/2/2004 20:02:32

Can a Bristol shubunkin (2 inch long excluding tail) live in a tropical fish tank for 6 weeks. Fish was bought last week and put in 100L tub outside but we have a cold snap (aitr temp 1C). I found him today floating on top and very sluggish. Gold fish bought at same time had died. Shubunkin is now inside in a Tupperware tub and has perked up. Can he room with my tropical fish (temprature76F 24C) until the weather warms up? The alternative is a bucket.

I am experienced with tropical fish, but know nothing abut coldwater fish. I don’t think a disease is involved.

Can I keep this sort of fish outside (they were sold as pond fish) in a 300L tub?