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60L Biorb

Subject: 60L Biorb
by Cameron920 on 2019/6/4 12:57:03

Hi I have a 60L biorb tank, its already an established tank but it's just empty at the moment. It contains 2 tall silk plants and a couple ornaments to hide in. I know that biorb tanks aren't ideal for keeping most fish but I dont have the money to buy another tank at the moment so it will just have to make do for the time being.

I'm a bit unsure on what kind of fish would be good for a tank of this size and shape as it's quite unusual and isnt ideal for a lot of fish.

I was currently thinking of getting 3/4 variable platies (1 Male 2/3 female) but just wanted to know if anyone would reccomend anything else instead or if this seems like a reasonable amount of fish for the tank.

Many thanks,