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Re: Young carp dying.. New pond

Subject: Re: Young carp dying.. New pond
by Louise910 on 5/6/2019 12:27:53

Hope the photos help.. Done just now..

I think I might have found the issue.. my sister reminded me that in the old pond they had a stone bridge the fish liked to hide under. She suggested maybe the fish died of stress due to having nowhere to hide.Also this new pond is right by the kitchen so more general activity than the old pond at the bottom of the garden. So maybe the shelter was important?
Sure enough I have set the remaining two up with a cover over a quarter of the pond and they were in there right away. A few days have passed and all still seems ok. Swimming round before returning to shelter. Pond has a combination of of pond prime/aqua safe and medifin. Hopefully all will continue to be well. :)

Edit.. The photos did not load so reposting - the test strip has dried but hopefully gives an idea (taken about 30 mins ago)