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Young carp dying.. New pond

Subject: Young carp dying.. New pond
by Louise910 on 31/5/2019 16:36:00

Hi I recently upgraded to a new pond for our fish and added medifin and tetra aquasafe to offset any issues that may arise due to the move. All seemed well but just less than a week after the pond move (last Sunday) and one of the fish really does seem in trouble. There are four carp three small youngsters we got last August and one older carp 11 years old. It's one of the youngsters that is in trouble.
He keeps rolling on his back and is swimming past and even through the food I put out- no interest. Seems to be gulping as if eager for food but I'm guessing he is gulping trying to breathe?
The other fish seem ok but I do wonder.. the food I put out has gone each time I put it in the pond. Yet they have not rushed to their food at all this week..
I have a pump and filter ready to go in there ASAP (family emergency prevented me putting it in sooner) but is there anything else I can do to help?