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Re: Pictures

Subject: Re: Pictures
by 2010 on 9/5/2019 22:10:48


PhilCritch wrote:
I'm a little confused on how the site is restricted on the size of picture's.
Most modern phone's don't use such low resolution pictures?

Can anyone advise please?

Many thanks Phil

You are "confusing" forums with "social media sites"

Forums are often privately owned and as such need to be paid for. The payment (to the hosting company) is for the amount of bandwidth that the site uses, an easy way to reduce this is by limiting the size of pictures, also yes phones can take pictures that are 5MB in size, but even on a computer you can't tell that much difference between a 5MB picture and 500Kb picture (Ok, i made the figures up)

Social media sites get "bucket loads" of money through advertising and often they own the servers that host the sites, so it costs them considerably less to run.

You will find that 99% of forums you have to reduce the picture size.