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Re: Platy poo is constantly white!

Subject: Re: Platy poo is constantly white!
by Fishyfishfish on 22/5/2019 21:23:03


Fishlady wrote:
You can do another course after a water change, but if there are no other symptoms it's possible the colour of their poo is just about what they're eating. Is it odd in any other way - bubbles in it, stringy looking, or is it apparently normal but just a pale colour?

I've never known poo be this white before, especially considering their diet, and comparing that to the other fish I have (3 Platy, 6 Cardinal Tetra). I feed them Tetra flakes and frozen food and the only fish that produce white poo are these 2 Platy. The poo is stringy in that it forms a long string before it detaches from the fish - and is completely white. I must admit that I fed them frozen Bloodworm earlier today and their poo was brown for a certain time, but then it just goes back to white.

Both fish seem lethargic at times and spend lots of time still either at the top or bottom of the tank so I know there is definitely something not right.

Would a salt bath help them in any way?