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Re: Platy poo is constantly white!

Subject: Re: Platy poo is constantly white!
by Fishyfishfish on 5/5/2019 13:55:37

Just a quick update...

There are two platys and both seem to be quite lethargic. One I've had for 3 weeks (the one with the white poo) and another I added on Friday, which is also producing white poo.

They look like marble saffron mollies but are platys and they both spend a LOT of time on the gravel and don't move that much, even when the light is on. I can't see any visible signs of disease on either of them so I've started dosing with the Paraguard, however, I believe it is only for external parasites rather than internal?

Can anyone confirm this? If so I may need to buy something else in order to eradicate this problem.