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How many Bolivian Rams should I keep

Subject: How many Bolivian Rams should I keep
by angiemike6 on 22/4/2019 20:34:12

Some time back I bought 2 Bolivian Rams. Within a couple of days one of them started going black and after another 3/4 days died. The remaining one is fine, and I have had now for a year. I would love to have more of them as they are wonderful fish to watch. I understand that they can be quite territorial, and noticed when I had the two of them each would keep to their own side of the tank, and would swim up to the centre of the tank and then back again. they would never be in the same part of the tank together. i assume that the one that died probably died of stress. Has anyone any suggestions for how I may keep more of them. I have a 180 litre tank.