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Sick guppy and weired behavior

Subject: Sick guppy and weired behavior
by helptoall on 16/4/2019 23:13:08

Hi, i have a 70L tank with 10 guppies and 1 pleco, external filter 600 l/h water temp 26C water parameters are 0,0,7. WC every week 25%. 18 days ago one of the guppies became bloated. i moved him to quarantee and try to treat with Furanol with no success.His bloating was uneven, one side more bloated then the other,and ive assumed it was a tumor.He passed after 3 days since the first signs of bloat. Since then ive monitored the tank very carefully for any signs , but non appeared. Today iv found one of the guppies dead and another one laying on the bottom with raised scales{the other 2 didnt showed this sign.} last night they were all active, all came to eat with no signs of illness..Now one of he gupp started this weired behavior of swimming near the bottom in a weiired way ill add a video. Im worried that he is coming with an illness too. do you know what is this behavior?

I would appreaciate any help and advice about what is it and what to do to treat and prevent more infections. thank you