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Re: Help goldfish

Subject: Re: Help goldfish
by helptoall on 5/5/2019 12:39:30

Update: after treating with kanaplex and furanol i started to dose with salt in order to decrease osmoregulation stress and also treated with levamisole for external parasites. All of those treatment showed no effect and after about 2 weeks of treatments and the fish arent eating the fish with the popeye started to show signs of dropsy. Ive started treatment with prazipro and that actually worked! the dropsy signs strated to fade and for the first time i saw poop in the tank! now its about 1 week later, the popeye fish is eating and pooping but the other one isnt.. im oretty sure that he didnt ate all this time. so one of the fish is showing big improvment but the other isnt improving. he dosent show any signs, except occasional rubing against object and moving one of his fins very fast like hes trying to shake something off. I wanted to ask what do you think i should do? should i try again with antiparasites? thank you