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Help goldfish

Subject: Help goldfish
by helptoall on 16/4/2019 22:58:30

Hi ive rescued 3 goldfish 10 days ago from a neglected tank.one of them was bigger and healthy,eating and well behaving so after a few days ive moved him to a pond. the other 2 are weak and arent eatingone of them trying to eat but spitt it immidietly and the other dosent show any interest. ive treated with Kanaplex 3 doses and now in the middle of Furanol treatment with no change. ive noticed about 3 times since ive rescued them of a weired behavior of shaking like theyr trying to shake something of them and darting. today one of them darted and almost jumped out of the tank. I started to add some NaCl to the tank 2 days ago and im doing it very slowly so far there are 2 tspn in the 40 liter tank. The antibiotics so far dosent show any effect so im thinking on trying anti parasite med like levamisole. I have it but when im mixing it in the water it smells weired. Did anyone noticed a weired smell when using levamisoleHCL? do you have any advices on what should i do?
There are no external signs for illness and the parametres are 0,0,5
thank you