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High Ammonia problems

Subject: High Ammonia problems
by chrismh28 on 11/4/2019 19:36:21

Hi all I have a fresh water tropical fish tank 165 litres for 10 years this July. All good until about 4 to 5 weeks ago. My ammonia was high, so did the usual daily water change and still no luck. Visited Maidenhead Aquatics with a confirmed water sample so my test kit was correct, and purchased Arka MICROBE-LIFT Nite-Out II STARTER Bacteria 473 ml x 2 bottles. Still high ammonia, then contacted them again and was old to purchase the Aqua Bomb. Still high ammonia. My fish are alive and a clear water. I am at a lost as to why this is continually causing problems and no matter what I’m advised it’s not working.

Any ideas would be grateful