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Re: further to unidentified attachment on tail fin

Subject: Re: further to unidentified attachment on tail fin
by fcmf on 8/4/2019 15:32:09

Could the betta have injured itself on any decor, caught its fin or tail in the filter or burned itself on a heater?

Keep monitoring the water quality - daily or every other day - doing extra/large water changes if required to ensure that it remains at those optimum levels. The 'problem' may resolve in its own time although bettas do undergo changes in colour.

If his behaviour or appetite changes, then that would be the time to concern yourself and we'll try to help further.

You've taken the correct course of action, for the correct reasoning, with regards to the filter media pack. The other option you could do, and which I did with a previous filter like you describe, is to convert from a filter media pack to a purely sponge/foam filter which won't need replacing at all. You could do this by placing pieces of foam in any spare space - in fact, if the new filter media pack hasn't been in very long to start building up beneficial bacteria, you could discard it, keep the old one in place with its beneficial bacteria and pack foam in the spare spaces. After a month or so, by which time beneficial bacteria will have built up on the foam, remove the filter pack and replace it with more foam. During the month or so that the new/additional foam is building up its beneficial bacteria, don't add any more stock.