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Sick gldfish with popeye

Subject: Sick gldfish with popeye
by helptoall on 7/4/2019 14:42:44

Hi, Ive rescued 3 goldfish 2 days ago,they were in a very neglected of about 70L. One of them is much bigger then the others and hes sems healthy,hes active and eating,the only thing he has is a small growth on his lip. The other 2 arent look so well,they both smaller and both of them when they try to eat spit the food after 3 sec ,im pretty sure they arent really eating at all. In addition one of them has severe pop eye in both of his eyes. They are in my quarantine with a good filter and good water quality. I have kanaplex and a natural med called Voogle by easy life. What do you reccomend on doing? should i start treatment with these meds? Do you have other reccomended meds?
thank you