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Re: Unwell fish

Subject: Re: Unwell fish
by Dan123 on 14/3/2019 21:17:24

The tank is 125l and in it currently we have 5 platies, 4 guppies, 2 otocinclus, 3 shrimps and 2 snails. The levels are all good, the ammonia is 0, nitrates 20 and nitrite 0.5. We have had the tank running for 4 weeks now. since last posting we have seen the platy, who we thought was ill, being bullied by a guppy. We believe he was on the bottom in the plants hiding, he appears to be venturing out more today. However when we came home we found another otocinclus dead, the previous one died Tuesday, and we have no idea what it causing it.