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Re: Presumed dead rescue doing surprisingly well

Subject: Re: Presumed dead rescue doing surprisingly well
by OutOfMyDepth on 12/3/2019 1:05:37

Thank you for the reply, I appreciate it (and understand I probably rambled way too much) !

Just checking in quickly in case I was doing something horribly wrong, and to track my progress.
After the water change today, (this was much earlier before your reply) I added the (carefully measured) tapsafe plus, aquarium salt and interpet anti internal bacteria treatment, and am very suspicious but happy to report that the weird spiky scales thing has calmed down significantly ! (They’re still visibly ?off? but they’re more flat than spiky now which feels like we’re going in the right direction.
After watching them for a while (yes it felt kinda creepery) I noticed that they’re spitting out some but not all of their food. Going to crumble up the goldfish flakes even smaller and keep adding a few algae pellets since it never seems to spit those. :s
Their strange bruised/blood spots on the tailfin is getting larger but not as red so I can’t tell if it’s fading or spreading.
However, the weird bend in their tail has improved ! Not sure if it’s because the bowl is small, but I began taking their cave out when feeding them and sort of forcing them to acknowledge the food and eat; when the cave is removed, the tail gets better. Put the cave back in, and they hide in it, but the tail kinks again. :/
When observing from directly above, I noticed one side of their body seems longer or puffed out more than the other at the end, which isn’t present in my other fish who all seem symmetrical ?

I’ve made a quick shopping list with the recommendations (but would really appreciate specifics about the ideal filter, and white spot treatment (I don’t even know what that is and am getting a little nervous about accidentally over-medicating them !).

Going to read the linked articles later today because I’ll probably not take in much at midnight. :)

Oh ! To clarify, it is just one fantail/fancy goldfish, I just don’t know how to figure out their sex. I suppose it doesn’t really matter too much, I just didn’t want to get super attached gendering and naming them if they’re about to, ahem, leave.