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Black Moor - Seriously Unwell

Subject: Black Moor - Seriously Unwell
by rachyd on 2019/3/8 19:20:19


Our black moor is seriously unwell, he used to sleep on a side for quite a while but the last few days he is upside down, and no longer able to swim - stays at the bottom of the tank and worried he has either swim bladder or/and internal bacteria. Any advice - we currently had some swim bladder treatment, he hadn’t eaten for 3 days and did see him eat some peas this morning but he seems really bunged up. He also had a large lump in his side where his scales look under pressure and it’s white ish.
Any advice as if it’s internal bacteria we would look to change treatment, not sure how long he might have left.
He is 3 years old and lived with 1 fantail who is perfectly healthy, in a 200L tank.