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Iridescent shark isnt eating

Subject: Iridescent shark isnt eating
by helptoall on 8/3/2019 11:37:48

Hi ive rescued a small shark about 13 cm from a very bad comditions{10 L tank no WC and so..} 6 days ago.hes in a 50 L quarnteen with 1000L/h filter tmp 25 c. he isnt eating since i got him and i know that he ate just befor i took him.I did a very slow water adjustment adding water from the tank to the bucket for an hour and only then moved him to the new tank, but when i moved him he swam like crazy and flipped over . i trned off the light in the room and moved back. after a few minutes he flipped back and strated to swim normally again.Im not noticing any sighns on his body , anf he is active and swimming. the only thing i see is redness on his body which look to me coming from his color being thin and pale. i though that its beacuse hes a baby but now i don konw..what do you think?

https://scontent.ftlv1-1.fna.fbcdn.net ... eb7357edaaf42&oe=5CDBC385