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cycling 2 freshwater tanks

Subject: cycling 2 freshwater tanks
by Shawn on 2019/3/7 17:18:47

I'm new to the forum and very new to creating a fish friendly home.
I'm cycling 2 separate tanks, 5 gallon capacity, 3.34 gals with displacement considered.
the kids each want beta type fish.
I'm dosing pure Dr Tim's ammonia, and started on Sun Feb 10th.
I created a spreadsheet / graphing way to capture the results.
I tried to upload the .png but the site didn't seem to like it.

I had multiple instance of a stalled cycle in both tanks, but at different times in the process.

I did a water change of roughly 80% in both tanks to get the cycle going again, Tank A as of today is measuring .50/5.0/20 (am,ni,na) and then added ammonia to bring levels back up to roughly 1.5-2.0.

the question is, should I be dosing to bring ammonia up higher than that, or do you feel that is sufficient?

it seems 2 drops of Dr Tim's equates to roughly a .5 increase in ammonia levels.

thank you in advance and for having a great resource here for beginners.