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Re: Please help platy tumbling and swimming vertical

Subject: Re: Please help platy tumbling and swimming vertical
by Sylvia1 on 4/2/2019 14:25:25

Hello thanks again for getting back to me,

One of my other fish had a bacteria issue so I had already treated with a broad range gram negative and gram positive bacteria treatment and it didn't help him at all

The other platy had yellow gills and was breathing really quick, he settled after this but there is still yellow on his gills, he is now swimming around fine and eating well.

I had used esha 2000 along with esha exit about 4 weeks ago, extended dose but it didn't sort him out

That was before the bacteria treatment, I don't want to overdose on medications, but the increased water changes hadn't been working.

Is this maybe related and is there anything else I could do

I feel like I'm doing something wrong and he is ill due to me