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Tank too clean ?

Subject: Tank too clean ?
by jayl25 on 2019/2/3 19:39:58

Hi, I have had my 100L tropical tank for about 17 months now. I have 21 fish , the largest being 4 small barbs. tempreture is between 24-25 c. My local aquarium centre checked my water tests & everything was ok, apart from very slight ammonia level.
The tank has run very smoothly , with no problems until now !
when i clean the filter out ( in tank water } there is hardly anything in it. The ammonia levels keep going up, i am doing a quarter water change every week now.
I have real plants in the tank. theres hardly any residue in the substrate & i am very careful not to over feed the fish.
So my problems are.... why is there no residue in the filter & why does the ammonia level keep going up ?