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Advice needed! Firemouth cichlid

Subject: Advice needed! Firemouth cichlid
by Nine73 on 29/1/2019 14:23:13

Looking for advice regarding my firemouth,
I am new to tropical fish, only got a 200litre tank 5months ago and have been battling with keeping the water quality good, and lost a few fish to disease whilst i was learning to care for my fish well. Currently i have the following fish in the tank, 1x firemouth, 1x keyhole, 1x bristlenose pleco, 1x red tailed shark, 1x flying fox, 1x giant danio, 8 barbs, 4panda corydoras + 4 snails. I appear to have the conditions right now, as i noticed that my firemouth (which i really thought was male, due to dominance) has laid eggs, i was not expecting this as i only bought 1 of each of the main fish so they would not breed. Is anyone aware of firemouths breeding with a keyhole, or anything else in my tank? Could these eggs have been laid + not fertilized? How would i know. I am not sure what i should do in this situation as ive read that its not good to create any kind of hybrid! Advice would be appreciated 😁