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Danio cyst/ lump

Subject: Danio cyst/ lump
by Aehardy on 2019/1/26 23:00:42

One of my zebra danios has an large lump under its mouth. It looks like it’s got something dark inside it on one side which is a bit odd. It’s swimming normally, eating ok and doesn’t seem in distress. I’m just worried it suddenly will become noticeably ill as it’s so big. It’s been there about a week or so.

Any ideas what it could be please? I’ve searched images on lots of Internet forums but can’t see anything that looks quite the same.

My cold water tank has been set up 2 years and is 150l with a fluval 206 pump. It contains 5 danios, 8 platys, 1 weather loach, 2 goldfish.

PH 7.5
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0

I recently treated the tank with melafix as my only remaining male platy had clamped fins and a cottony fuzz on him which has now gone ( although he still is a bit lethargic)