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Re: Urgent Help Needed for Koi (swim bladder disease?)

Subject: Re: Urgent Help Needed for Koi (swim bladder disease?)
by simonj on 6/3/2006 18:07:10

Hello Fishy-Fishy,

I do not have a quarantine tank set up at the moment and am not sure what sort of container would be suitable.

The fish appears to have general swelling over all of the lower part of its body. There doesn't appear to be any scales sticking out.

The pond is 13ft x 5ft and 5ft deep and has been established for about 8 years. The fish affected is a golden Israeli koi, there is another one of this type as well as a white koi together with five goldfish. All of these fish (with the exception of the diseased one)seem to be swimming around quite happily.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you need to know anything else.