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Aggressive platy

Subject: Aggressive platy
by Lucid on 9/1/2019 22:58:14

Hi guys, I’d like some advice with one of my platies please. As far as I’m aware, platies are renowned for being peaceful beyond belief. This was always the case with a good sized group of females in my tank. I only had the sunburst and wagtail varieties, all female. On Sunday I added a single female “salt and pepper” platy to my tank. She is bigger than my other platies.

At first she was just like my other platies, spending the first day hiding in the plants before venturing out into the tank. Trouble is, she doesn’t really join in with the others. While the other platies, guppies and endlers all swim tightly together and play, this new one often spends time on her own, but she also keeps chasing and nipping my other platies! They’ve always been the loveliest, sweetest little fish and I really don’t want to take the new one back to the store if I can help it, but I’m not standing for her bullying the fish that have been in the tank a lot longer, so if I have to return her then I will.

Is there anything I can do? I’ve never heard of a platy being aggressive, especially a female one.