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What Cichlid is this?

Subject: What Cichlid is this?
by AlexWalker0398 on 9/1/2019 13:00:07

Hello, I'm asking this on behalf of my girlfriend who doesn't currently have access to a computer. I myself only have a basic understanding of fishkeeping so this is all I know:

She has a cichlid and isn't quite sure what breed it is. They sift through the sand at the bottom of her tank and either have a horizontal broken stripe or a solid vertical stripe at the back of the fish. I personally thought they looked a bit like Jewel Cichlids but she said they were more closely related to Gephagus but are not part of the Geophagus genus. The one with the vertical stripe also has some red colouring on it's head.

I've attached images in a .zip folder to this post as it wouldn't let me upload individual images. It's also worth nothing that these fish are still juvenile so they are not at their full size.

Thanks for the help!