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Re: Stuck in cycle with ammonia

Subject: Re: Stuck in cycle with ammonia
by fcmf on 6/1/2019 14:46:35

You're absolutely correct about higher PH increasing the toxicity of ammonia. Therefore, a product which can increase the hardness but not affect the PH would be ideal.

The actual ingredients in the Seachem products and the Microbe products seem to be a closely guarded secret. My LFS believes they are the same ingredients although my personal experience is that the Microbe products leave more of an oil slick/film on the water surface than the Seachem ones so I don't think they necessarily are the same. There might be no harm in swapping to Seachem, see if that makes a difference until the tank is definitely cycled (or the ammonia level drops and remains at 0 or even 0.25), then you can always use up the remainder of the Microbe products once passed that stage.

I'll PM you a link to another thread from elsewhere which sounds like a similar situation to yours - worth a read.