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Re: Stuck in cycle with ammonia

Subject: Re: Stuck in cycle with ammonia
by platynik on 5/1/2019 14:50:06

Thanks for your reply

Tap water has 0 nitrates

Scottish water website for some reason advises there is no data for my area! Strange! But I know Scottish water is soft and if I google water hardness for my area, it advises Soft with 25 parts per million calcium carbonate - if that helps

The test kit measure both NH3 and 4 combined so a way to test separate would be beneficial

The test kit expires 2023.

The day after my water change the reading is 0 then on 48 hours then 72 it’s 0.50 I’ve never let it go higher than this and have never let it go past 3 days with ammonia.

I’ve not had any loses and no one looks stressed and they’ve even had quite a few batches of fry.