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Re: Stuck in cycle with ammonia

Subject: Re: Stuck in cycle with ammonia
by fcmf on 2019/1/5 13:17:21

Hmmmm - this is a difficult one.

As you're using a dechlorinator which addresses chloramines as well as chlorine, that's good, as otherwise that may have been a possibility accounting for the results.

Your tank may not be cycled yet, especially if you aren't getting any level of nitrates.
What is the nitrates reading of your tap water?
What is your postcode's water hardness level in CaCO3 or German degrees hardness, according to your water/utility website? [Although unlikely, especially with the ocean rock in place, and due to the neutral PH, it's possible that you may have very soft water which can stall a cycle, so worth establishing whether or not this might be the case.]

Is your test kit in date?
Does your API test measure ammonia AND ammonium? Ammonium is much less toxic, and I've read elsewhere that a reading of 0.25 on the API kit is not uncommon, while sometimes the colour and therefore the actual reading can be different depending on the light it is read in - maybe worth checking in different lights and getting someone else to see what they read it as?