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Stuck in cycle with ammonia

Subject: Stuck in cycle with ammonia
by platynik on 4/1/2019 18:03:23

I’m a newbie and this tank has been running for four months and I’m still seeing ammonia readings and it’s not shifting. I do water changes every two days to bring the levels down.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Filter one - interpet CF1
Filter two - fluval U2
4 female platy
A few plants
Two lumps of ocean rock

That’s it.

Have the API liquid test
Ammonia 0.50
PH 7.2
Everything else is 0 and has never moved

I use microbe lift products
Xtreme water conditioner
Special blend after each water change

I have another tank with 2 adult platy and 11 fry of all different ages and have never had any issues. Using the same products.

I’m out of ideas