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Re: Compatability of this!

Subject: Re: Compatability of this!
by fcmf on 4/1/2019 15:21:17

What is the type of fish that you are referring to, besides the goldfish? You'll need to know what type of fish you're keeping, so that you can ensure that you meet its/their requirements in line with the species profiles at https://www.fishkeeping.co.uk/modules/caresheets/

Please can you post a photo of the fish and also let us know:
* what size (dimensions, volume) of tank the fish are kept in
* water quality just before your usual scheduled water change (i.e. ammonia, nitrite, nitrate)
* water parameters (i.e. your postcode's water hardness levels in CaCO3 or German degrees hardness, as per your water/utility company website)
...as these may affect fish behaviour. Thanks.