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Re: Stunted White cloud mountain minnow

Subject: Re: Stunted White cloud mountain minnow
by fcmf on 4/1/2019 17:55:09

That sounds perfect. Yes, anything up to a 1/3 of the filter media ought to be safe to move - in fact, a little less than that would be fine as it ought to be sufficient to deal with the waste he produces.

If you haven't moved him yet, then I'd recommend moving him via a jug (obviously a clean one, well-rinsed) rather than via a fish net. I find fish, especially ill ones, can be moved quite easily via a jug as they don't realise they've been "caught" as such, especially if you carefully manoeuvre it. A net can be moved from behind to guide him into the jug if need be.

Hope that helps - good luck, and keep us posted.