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Re: Stunted White cloud mountain minnow

Subject: Re: Stunted White cloud mountain minnow
by fcmf on 4/1/2019 14:17:39

Sorry to read about this.

While I've never kept minnows myself, I have noticed with shoals of different fish, that some seem weaker than others and behave exactly as you describe - sometimes these go on to survive and do well, other times they succumb. Your situation doesn't sound very promising, unfortunately, but, on the basis of what you describe, I actually think some time in a quieter-flow hospital/quarantine tank might not do any harm and might actually give the fish an opportunity to improve. Moving a fish can sometimes be stressful for a fish and sometimes not - usually the latter when they are already in a poor situation as you describe, when sometimes they almost seem to be relieved to be away from the heavier flow and other activity in the tank in order to build up strength and recuperate.

Do you have another tank/tub and filter (and heater if you're using one)? If so, you could move the minnow across into that, provided that the water temperature could be maintained at the same level as in the main tank, with a small portion of filter media from the main tank in its filter to ensure it's instantly cycled. It might even be possible, with frequent and large but gently undertaken water changes to minimise disturbance, to keep the minnow in that tank without a filter if you don't have a spare one. Placing a dark towel over/around the tank can help reduce stress if required.

Fingers crossed for this minnow; let us know how he gets on if you're able to move him into another tank.

If, however, he's succumbed, then you may find this article helpful
https://www.fishkeeping.co.uk/modules/ ... esheet.php?caresheetID=73 for that species' requirements and for the remainder of them in the long-term, in particular the need for a larger tank.