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Stunted White cloud mountain minnow

Subject: Stunted White cloud mountain minnow
by Dal_8000 on 4/1/2019 1:48:09

A couple of months ago I set up a small 30l tank for my son with 6 minnows, a lone shrimp and 2 snails.
All but 1 of the minnows have grown well and are thriving. Tank was cycled, all levels are checked and good and I'm doing regular water changes. I have a fast flowing internal filter with plenty of surface disruption as i know the minnows like alot of flow due thier natural habitat. I'm feeding them premium flake food twice daily and add shrimp and snail pellets every few days.The one I'm worried about is much smaller and is often found milling around alone in the top corner behind the filter, amongst the plants leaves and most recently just floating near the bottom of the tank. If he's disturbed he swims away fine but his behaviour is so different to the others and his size is a real concern. Any ideas? I'm at a loss. I keep goldfish in my bigger tank but I have never had white cloud mountain minnows before.