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Re: Is there something wrong with my Angelfish

Subject: Re: Is there something wrong with my Angelfish
by fcmf on 29/12/2018 20:11:06

If I were you, I'd be inclined to do more frequent and larger water changes rather than dose with salt, as keeping the water in the best possible condition is key. However, if you can isolate the angelfish in a separate tank with heater and filter (moving across a portion of mature media i.e. foam/sponge to ensure the hospital tank's filter is cycled), then it would do no harm dosing salt as it wouldn't be unnecessary salt dosage for the other fish.

Great about the tank upgrade in the offing.

For the fish you have, their hardness requirements are as follows:
* angelfish, 0-15 dH (German), so your water's 5.62 is fine for them
* dwarf gourami, 2-18 dH (German), so your water's 5.62 is also fine for them
* bristlenose plec, 18-268 CaCO3, so your water's 100 is also fine
* guppies, 143-536 CaCO3, so your water's 100 is too soft for them, especially as the optimum level is to be somewhere in the middle of that range

1 degree KH = 17.848 CaCO3 (source - Wikipedia) and so, even with the bicarbonate of soda which would be helpful, this isn't actually increasing it enough for the guppies but, from some general browsing online about the specifics, it's also not good to increase it more than 2 degrees KH in a 24-hour period. Is it an option for you at all to have a second tank purely for the hard water fish? For example, once you upgrade the tank and move over the soft-water fish over to the 230L, you could keep the guppies in the 90-litre tank and perhaps have coral sand so that the tank is more in line with their requirements.

Hope this is helpful.