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Re: Male betta turning white

Subject: Re: Male betta turning white
by Lucid on 21/12/2018 18:12:20

Hmm, my water hardness is around 14 dGH, I did wonder if that might be having an effect... Though I did read they're happy in harder water than this.

Yes, he was purchased online. I thought he'd be stressed out from the journey, as he spent 24 hours in a bag with probably about 500ml of water in the dark, being moved around, but he looked fine and full of colour. I did decide to put the light on earlier and told myself I'd see how he reacts, and if he hides or looks stressed then I'd turn it off and put a blanket over the tank to stop the living room lights shining in on him too. The light has been on for about two hours now and he looks fine, he's swimming around and haven't seen him in his hide once. Though he still looks a little faded.

Regarding the temperature, I had read that 25C to 27C was best, so I set it to 26. If he doesn't perk up I might try turning it up a degree or two and see if it helps at all.

I'm also naturally a worrier, so I'm now pondering as to whether when he arrived I was so focused on the blue and red colouration and getting him in the tank and settled nicely that I simply didn't notice any whiteness... And now I'm worrying too much about it!

I know that his head and back are naturally white, but it just seems like the lovely deep blue scales along his sides seem to be going pale...