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Re: Male betta turning white

Subject: Re: Male betta turning white
by fcmf on 21/12/2018 17:46:49

You mention he spent a day in a bag in a box; if, by this, you mean he was an online purchase, then the journey and the time since could indeed be stressful for him.

He may just take some time getting used to having the lights on. I had a shoal of tetra fish who absolutely hated having the lights on - in fact, they spent the first year or two without the lights on at all, before I decided to have another go and persevere with trying them out. It's up to you whether you'd prefer to let him settle in without lights, then try again later down the line once he's settled in, or keep persevering now (if indeed the lights are the problem).

I'm not experienced with bettas but some have the marble gene and do change colour, but I'm not sure of timescales for this and it does seem a bit too coincidental for it to be happening now - it does seem more like a settling-in phase.