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Male betta turning white

Subject: Male betta turning white
by Lucid on 21/12/2018 12:05:45

Hi everyone, I'm looking for advice with my new betta. He arrived yesterday and looked fantastic. I put him in his new 30l tank and he started exploring straight away, though moving quite slowly. He was alright up until the evening. I put the tank lights on and he was still swimming around for a bit, but then disappeared inside his coconut shell cave. He came up every now and then for air like other bettas do. I turned the light off when I went to bed, and suddenly he decided to come out of his cave and swim around in the dark. I put it down to maybe he just doesn't like the light on too much and/or he's just hiding while he settles in to his new home. Today I woke to find that he is still sluggishly swimming around his tank, but most of his blue colouration has started fading to white.

This tank has been cycled properly, water parameters are fine, temperature 26C. He nibbled at some freeze-dried bloodworms yesterday so appears to be eating. He has black gravel to hide against, a coconut shell to hide in, a betta hammock if he wants it plus an anubias, some floating plants and some big reed-like plants going to the top of the tank, plus the waterfall effect from filter to play in if he wants.

Is he just settling and I'm worrying over nothing? Other fish have initially been shy and sluggish for a day or two, but the loss of colour is worrying me. He looked fine when he arrived, and that was after spending a day in a bag in a box. If it sounds like something is wrong, what can I do?