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mouth growth

Subject: mouth growth
by helptoall on 2018/12/18 21:33:13

Hi, I have a vic with a weired growth in his mouth, I think it first appeared when i added to the tank a parrot and they fought a bit and he injured his mouth.It was three mounths ago, since then it became lees looking like a wound and more like a growth, and i think it got a bit bigger. The tank has been treated with ektol fluid when it was more wound like{he also had some find demage so i decided to treat}
He is very active and seems ok. Its onlt him and the parrot in the 200L tank with 1200L/h ex filter . water parameteres are 0,0,5 and im doing 20% WC once a week.
Any idea what is it? thank you
https://scontent.ftlv1-1.fna.fbcdn.net ... 557ba13afb4a7&oe=5C985BFF