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End of fishless cycle question?

Subject: End of fishless cycle question?
by Piranhaman on 2018/12/15 13:21:24

Hi this is my first post on the website, I have been doing a fishless cycle using the guide from this site using pure ammonia for a month and the tank has finished cycling.

The tank is 125gal, test readings after 12 hours after adding ammonia up to 3ppm is Ammonia is 0ppm
Nitrite is 0ppm
The Nitrate is 80 to 100ppm as I haven't done any water change yet but doing a massive water change today to bring nitrates down as I'm getting 5 juvenile red belly piranhas tomorrow from fish alive in durham.

My question is after i do the water change do i add more ammonia to keep bacteria alive? Or should I just leave it? I will be getting the fish about this time tomorrow and not sure if I should add ammonia or not.
Thanks for any advice.