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Re: 30 gallon tank set up advice

Subject: Re: 30 gallon tank set up advice
by Fishlady on 9/12/2018 19:07:19


If you're going to keep Kuhlis I would not use a soil substrate. Kuhlis will dig into the substrate to bury themselves and you'll end up with soil floating in the water all of the time.

A Betta isn't compatible with Danios as they need moderately cool conditions, below 24C whereas a Betta will need it to be around 28C.

Most tetras and barbs will nip at a Betta so neither is a good match. You'd be better off looking at some of the smaller species such as Mosquito rasboras, Lambchop rasboras or possibly Ember tetras or maybe Harlequins.

Bear in mind that some Bettas will attack any other fish or be very stressed out by their presence which is why it's often recommended that they are kept alone. It's advisable to have a backup plan ready to go in case he is like that