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moving house with snails

Subject: moving house with snails
by merlin777 on 30/11/2018 1:05:42

I have a baby biorb with loads of auger snails.The tank needs a good clean and i'm about to move house.

When I get to the new house i'm thinking of dedicating this tank to snails and adding some nephrites and golden apples etc.

Can anyone advise on a good strategy? This is what I was intending to do:

Empty the tank
rescue all the snails and out them in a large seal-able container with fresh water
clean the tank
move house
start the tank off from scratch with fresh water and add the snails
gradually add some other species

Now I bet there's a few howlers in there so I'm hoping you'll put me straight.

Will they survive in fresh water for a few days?
Do I need to add some old tank water to the container?
Do I keep some old tank water to 'seed' the newly cleaned tank?
Do I need to cycle it for snails?
What's the best way to add the new species and which ones would be best?

Soooo many things I don't know!