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Female Platy not eating and swimming aimlessly

Subject: Female Platy not eating and swimming aimlessly
by Chrisosaurus on 6/11/2018 23:21:52


One of my platys has stopped eating that I can see, and seems to be swimming without purpose.
She occasionally seems to swim into the glass and continues going...

I seen her being a bit wobbly tonight as well and it's making me think I should humanely euthanize her following the steps from here
https://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-the-m ... y-to-euthanize-a-fish.htm

Not sure I could get a hospital tank up and running before she would potentially pass, and also she has been like this probably around a week...



**Edit** should also mention she occasionally seems to rest, or get caught perhaps, in some of my plants while still flapping her fins and tail so unsure if she's trying to rest or is actually stuck and too weak to do anything about it.