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Re: Losing corydoras :-(

Subject: Re: Losing corydoras :-(
by georgep56 on 20/10/2018 15:15:44

Hi, and thanks for the speedy reply.

Test results:
Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrate: 0ppm Nitrite: less than 0.3mg/l
Tap water is slightly hard
Temperature: ~24'C

We took out one Panda Cory weeks ago which had damage to its tail fin, as we didn't want to risk any potential problems spreading to the other fish. We’re not sure whether it was fin rot or nibbled by other fish, though we haven’t added any new fish for a bit, and it’s a community tank, so we don’t tend to have nipping problems. We have noticed that occasionally shrimps will 'pester' the cories as they lie 'asleep' on the bottom of the tank, sitting on top of them and appearing to 'nibble' at them until the cory 'wakes up' and swims away. I've taken another photo of the remaining 'poorly' cory as I'm not at all sure that the dorsal fin looks right?

We haven't noticed any damaged barbels. We realise that gravel isn't ideal for cories but we've had them in the same situation for as long as we've had the tank (>5 years).

It seems odd that all of the the panda cories and two pepper cories have died within days of each other, yet the albinos are fine - touch wood!