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Re: Pond fish dying

Subject: Re: Pond fish dying
by nathangoudie on 3/8/2018 2:14:31


What is the test kit you are using?

Really sorry to hear the losses of your fish and the spending on the chemicals.

I may be a bit wordy but I hope this will help you understand the basic around using chemicals and fish health.

1. Health
Like human and any other animals - Fish immune system can be very strong and fight off many sickness/bacteria on its own - The only thing that does the immune system cannot fight off is mostly parasites (Though sometimes they can mitigate them by promoting slime coat). Or some really serious virus/infection.

So how to promote immune system? Just like human, they need:
- Good nutrient
- Clean and healthy environment (Basically proper filtration and established beneficial bacteria colony in the pond ecosystem)
- Stress-free!!!!!

Moving, catching the fish cause seriously stress unless you did it professionally and swiftly. And this kind of stress is a big culprit that actually kill many fish! Even for big fish like koi!! (I have some experience in rearing and selling koi and transporting is a big issue).

2. Chemicals / Medicine
Manganate bath is pretty popular and it's so far seem to be effective in treating parasite (And probably the cheapest method). However, giving them bath in smaller tank/containers with proper fish medicine is my much much prefered method (Usually I use medicine from API brand, both general cure and parasite cure would work depending on your purpose and your parasite).
====>>> Why I don't like manganate bath??? --> Manganate is a strong oxidize chemical, even we human use to disinfect wounds and it's super effective at killing microbes or simple organism. So basically you are dipping the whole fish in a oxidization solution and hoping that the oxidization process kill off all parasites/bacteria (simple organism) before it gets to your fish tissue. Long bath is not good at all and cause serious stress, basically just imagine you have manganate in your organs.

Other proper fish medicine instead of using oxidization, actually use proper chemicals that kill off the targeted parasite/bacteria. Without causing problem to the fish.

Now back to the method you are doing.
- M Fluke kill flukes but it also kill the beneficial bacteria that convert Ammonia to Nitrate. You can google "Nitrogen Cycle" if you don't know what I mean.

- M fluke is a chemical, most chemicals do not react to UV light so turning off does not affect the effectiveness of the chemical. Also I think you should have UV light on as UV light can kill parasite/bacteria.

- Parasites may and may not kill fish. They usually kill fish when they reproduce so fast that they overtake vital organs such as gills, guts,..... Or they cause open wounds that later get infected (Fish with strong immune system don't get infected that easily though). So unless you found parasites in the gills of your dead fish (or guts or open wound) then I doubt parasite is the culprit.

My suspicion would be constant water changes + catching and bathing that cause water shock and stress the fish.