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Re: Pond fish dying

Subject: Re: Pond fish dying
by Pondfishron on 2/8/2018 18:40:51

Thanks. The parasites are those only seen under microscope. I cant remember the name. I have given larger Koi baths in manganate as well as water change and parasite treatment of pond. I have now added Fluke M in precise dosage to pond. If the fish continue to die i intend complete water change and remove fish that are left and humanely kill them. Thereafter start from scratch i have 5 larger koi left one 12” and four 8”. I also have approx 10 other small ghost koi and shubunkins. I have switched off UV lamp in filter for next 7days to allow Fluke M to do its work. I have spent fortune on various chemicals etc its very frustrating. The tests carried out most recently on the water quality gives readings suggesting its fine. Which i conclude means i still have parasites present.