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Re: Pond fish dying

Subject: Re: Pond fish dying
by nathangoudie on 2/8/2018 15:19:39


Do you know what is the parasite you saw? Its very hard to treat parasite in a 6000l pond just by adding chemicals. Also chemicals that kill parasites will also kill beneficial bacteria --> Ammonia spikes.

My suggestion -
Test ammonia again (It's likely to be high now) - Anything higher than 0.5ppm is no good.
=> If ammonia is high then do water change -> Go buy some bacteria products (It might be expensive in your area) or Go find someone with established filter and ask for some media.

Identify the parasite you saw -> Also see if parasite exists in recently dead fish.

Increase water movement (basically increase areation in the water) -> I found koi and such species are healthier in flowing water

Also how many fish do you have in your pond?