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Re: Pond fountain slab

Subject: Re: Pond fountain slab
by nathangoudie on 23/5/2018 9:44:30


Cement is strong enough if you apply enough of it and know the physics. The wall will also have to be strong enough.

Also if you use cement, understand that cement needs to be "cured" before adding fish or the fish will die!!!!!.
Google "Curing Cement" for more details.
Why? ---- Simple Explanation: Cement when contact with water will "leak cement" which makes the pH rocket to a toxic level for most aquatic creatures. After in contact with water for a while (4-6 weeks), they got cured and don't do this anymore. But then you need to completely change your water in the pond completely.

Alternatively.... I've never thought about doing this outdoor.... but you can use foam!!!!!
Yes! Foam is lighter and comes with many color, you can even paint them. You can attach small rocks to them or woods. Or use dried and crush coconut shell to make it looks natural.
Google "Paludarium" or something like that, I forgot I it spell. Most of the time people use foam to build rocky walls that look very realistic but pretty light!!!

And like others have said.... we really need visual image to understand what you said best :)